#Stay at home?

Sarah Wiltschek

Stay at home is the urgent appeal to the population. But what if your flat is far away in Damascus, Syria, to which a young family can not return?

My reportage deals with the transformation of the city and its population in terms of migration and integration. Especially under the unequal aggravating conditions caused by Covid 19.

My story is, despite everything, a story of success. Because I believe that, it is precisely such stories that we need in order not to lose faith and hope. Stories against fear.

I show people from Syria who are religious but not Muslim. Who experience help and integration through their Christian faith and the church. My story also shows how a father as a nurse and prospective educator becomes a kind of carrier of hope for our broken health care system.

For this family, Germany, Berlin is their new home. They enjoy making contacts and have found a „grandma“ in their neighbourhood who helps the family and teaches the children to read.

This family has found a new home and can hold on to the government‘s appeal. Even if they are worried about the family left behind in Syria, for whom Covid 19 is only one of many existential threats.