Susana Villares Lopez

Then the all the jokes about toilet paper were told. In fact, there were none left. It was serious and happened here, in front of our door. You were no longer allowed to travel, no longer allowed to hug. The city became quiet. Everyone stayed at home. Saturday at midnight, instead of drunken party people, I saw foxes on Schlesische Stra├če.

The lives of the others became visible by shifting outside, to the balconies and to the open windows, and at the same time invisible because it was limited to the private space. We observed each other: the passers-by on the street and the people at their windows and on their balconies.

I captured many of these scenes with my camera during this time.

For the very first time, there was emptiness and silence everywhere. Restful silence. A difficult, a dystopian time. Everyone for yourselves. Uncertain. But also a chance for new beginnings.