The Berlin I never knew like this

Marco Lessner

… suddenly everything changed very fast.

Under the slogan „flatten the curve“, Berlin is put into an artificial sleep and public life is reduced to a minimum. Bars, restaurants, shops and gyms are closed. Squares and streets are empty and it becomes quiet in a city that otherwise never sleeps.

A situation that came so quickly is strange and unfamiliar to many inhabitants of Berlin. An occurrence like this had never happened before in their lives. When the word „Corona“ was mentioned publicly for the first time in December 2019, nobody knew what was to come for humankind. Everything was so far away and intangible. Then, in mid-March, everything happened very quickly. The Federal Chancellor gave her television address: „It is serious. Take it seriously too!“

My photographic work shows the image of a spring in Berlin, that know one have never experienced before in this city.